Happy Labor Day!

My ancestors were not famous or rich just hard working people who loved their families and worked hard to give them a better life. So today I celebrate  Labor Day

Great Great Uncle Thomas Kennedy

Great Great Uncle Thomas Kennedy (bar tender)




My Grandmother (librarian)

nixon shields schwarz

Emily Nixon Schwarz , Jack Schwarz (plumber), Thomas Tyson Nixon (stone mason) and Emily Shields Nixon (governess)

john burke lfd

George William Burke (firefighter) Babylon, New York


Henry May (highway supervisor)


Family Farm in Brooklyn


Smell of Fall in the Air

Been a chilly couple of days in New York. Absolutely beautiful sunny days with a chill in the air that makes you think about Autumn. My garden is finally starting to produce red tomatoes. I had more cucumbers than I knew what to do with and made many pints of pickles to get us through the winter. I cannot buy pickles in the store anymore as I am spoiled from eating ones from cucumbers grown in my gardens.

I was getting a little worried that I might not be canning sauce this year. Whenever I think about canning tomatoes I am reminded of my paternal grandmother and great- great grandmother.  They were two ladies who preserved the fruits of their gardens and passed that knowledge down to future generations. I cannot think of fall without thinking of sauce simmering on the stove.

My great great Grandmother Emma Borgwardt May

My great great Grandmother Emma Borgwardt May


Harvest time with my grandmother and a worker picking beans in the 1930’s

Mistaken Identity

I am still slogging through boxes of photos that I inherited over the winter. Of course many don’t have dates or names and I am trying to match up the pictures with what I do know. Funny is when I was comparing some pictures I found one that I had been told years ago by a relative was my great great grandparents William Toborg and Annie Grabber was really my great great grandparents Jessie Kennedy and Alexander Yuill. These two really interested me.With further inspections and a really smart Granmda who labeled the pictures, I found that who I thought was my Torborg line was really my Yuill’s.

Anna Grabber & William Torborg

Couple in Question..

Alexander Yuill

Alexander Yuill

Jessie Kennedy Yuill

Jessie Kennedy Yuill



A busy summer of flowers

It has been too long since I posted but I have been busy in the garden both vegetable and flower. I will do a fast post now of some of my summer blooms. Upstate New York has had a wonderful summer ..a little rainy but great for the plants. I love being surrounded by such pretty things after a long cold New York Winter.  Most of these blooms were in Late June and July.  I promise to be better about posting now that gardening weather is slowing down.


Creeping Phlox


Wild Geranium


Lemon Drop Lily


Weigela Wine and Roses


Antique Peony


Old Red Poppy


Siberian Iris


Old Red Peony


Stella d’oro




Cone Flower


Wild Marjorum



Almost free garden

Now that the weather is cooperating, I am in my gardens all the time. I have a shady and muddy area in my yard that I felt needed a little perking up. However, I didn’t have the funds to purchase a lot of materials to make a new flower bed. I looked around for what I had at hand in my flower beds that could be transplanted. I found some black-eyed Susan, hostas and ferns that need to be thinned out. I have a rock wall I have been building that needed some help as falling over the winter. So I straightened out the rocks and took some of the extra stones to use as edging on my new bed. I purchased a few bags of garden soil to help the clay like soil.

Today was a local garden show where you can get amazing deals on plants. I donated a few as I was thinning out my flowers this year. I love that I can give back a little.  The plants are all donated by local gardeners to raise money to foster historic preservation efforts in the area. The prices are so reasonable and you know they are hearty to your growing zone. I bought some white iris and antique iris that are yellow with purple, forget -me -not and euphorbia.



New flower bed

New flower bed

The total cost of materials and plants was $25! And I have a lovely new area to enjoy .