Grandpa’s Pipe

Objects we have can be great triggers of memories and emotion. My maternal grandfather died when I was 5 years old. Family members had said I adored him.  I don’t have clear memories of him but more like snippets of things I know about him. One thing that I always associate with him is the smell of pipe tobacco and this  Toby Mug.

He had a chair in the living room with a side table on which he kept his pipes and mementos. One item I remember vividly is this Lord Monty Toby Mug. I was lucky enough to inherit it when my Uncle was cleaning out my grandparent’s house.

Every time I look at this mug, I can almost smell of pipe smoke and feel his hugs.

 Lord Monty

Marks on the bottom tell you a lot about artisan, age and place of manufacture of an antique. Douton Marks

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