Mystery Oil Painting

I have a painting that I know nothing about  and would love to find more information. It belonged to my great great uncle who lived in Manhattan who led a wonderfully sordid and colorful past. Family lore says it came from his partner who was a “Duchess”. They spend their later years together traveling. My great  great uncle was a stock broker on Wall Street who made his fortune before the Wall Street Crash in the 1929. He  retired in his early 30’s to live off his wealth in a modest fashion while traveling and  collecting interesting things. I guess the Duchess was one of those things.

With a degree in art history, I am curious about the painting. The artist is Arthur B. Long and the subject is a well dressed woman and leopards that surround her in a kind of circus like scene.  The stretched canvas measures 24 inches tall and 40 inches wide. I would estimate the time it was painted to be the 1950’s but no firm evidence to confirm. Any help would be great!

Painting from my great great uncle

Signature of the artist Arthur B. Long


  1. Hello! I see this blog post is four years old, but I’ve been doing an Internet search for information on the same artist, Arthur B. Long, which led me here. I’ve just recently found and bought an original 1945 oil painting by Long which depicts a summer beach scene at Loveladies on Long Beach Island, New Jersey. It’s an odd piece, with a decrepit house on the sand, a romantic couple and dog walking in the surf, two strange nuns in full cloaks and habits walking toward the artist, and four young men sunbathing in Speedo-type shorts. Like I said, odd, yet fascinating. (I can email you an image of the painting of you’d like.) Did you ever learn anything about the elusive Mr. Long?


    1. Thank you for reaching out.. no I have not found out anything more about the painting. I am pretty excited to see he did other works. And get a time frame for when he was active. I know my great great uncle lived in the Hamptons and NYC. So I wonder if he knew the artist. Your message has me ready to look for more about the artist. I will post anything I find.


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