Jessie Kennedy Yuill

I love researching my family tree. There are many reasons but the greatest is the feeling of being a part of something bigger than yourself… generations of people whose blood runs through your veins and whose blood runs through your children. I find each ancestor interesting whether rich or poor , famous or a simple farmer. Each has a story. I will periodically share an ancestor here on my blog. I see my ancestors as another way of researching history and antiques.

This amazing woman is Jessie Kennedy Yuill. Jessie Kennedy was born May 16, 1868 in Hutchesontown, South Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland to William Kennedy and Ann Gardner Andrews. As a side bar, in Scottish research I have found that women used their maiden name as their middle name. Even my grandmother used this Scottish naming pattern.  Jessie came to the United States as a small infant in 1869 through Castle Garden (the precursor to Ellis Island). Over 11 million people came by way of  Castle Garden between 1820 and 1892.

William and Annie had many more children upon arrival in New York. Even a rare set of twin boys.

Kennedy Children in Brooklyn NY in the 1880’s, Jessie is the oldest in the rear to the left

Jessie Kennedy married another Scotsman in Brooklyn on June 3, 1891. His name was Alexander Yuill. They had one son, William Kennedy Yuill on February 22, 1892.

Alexander Yuill (1869-1950)
Jessie Kennedy Yuill (1869-1944)

These pictures are probably from about the time they married in 1891. Alexander’s portrait  is a photograph but Jessie’s portrait is a large charcoal drawing.

If anyone thinks we may be related, please do send me an email. I love to talk genealogy.


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