Man’s Best Friend

I had to share one of my favorite pictures of my Grandfather, Robert J. Schwarz. This was taken before he served in World War II as a medic.  After the war, my grandparents married and went to college to become teachers on the GI bill. Grandpa was an English teacher and Grandma was a librarian. I love how distinguished my grandfather looks with his pipe in one hand and a family dog.

Grandpa Schwarz

Grandpa Schwarz (1918-1977)


    1. Thank you. My uncle told me her name was Tinker. Weird how he remembered the dog’s name from his father’s stories. I always am reminded of my grandfather when i smell a pipe. Amazing how a scent can bring back memories of a loved one.


      1. I agree with you about how smells can bring back memories. I had an Uncle Chet who smoked a pipe. The smell brings back pleasant thoughts and feelings. You have a great picture of your grandfather.


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