German Beer Steins

One of the reasons I love this blog is I love antiques and collecting but never get around to really researching more about what I have in my home. I collect because  I love the aesthetic but this blog drives me to look closer and I am learning so much more about things I admire.  A good example is a beer stein that belonged to my grandfather.  I cherish the stein as it reminds me of grandpa but I looked a little closer today and saw that the mark is Villeroy and Boch.

Mark on bottom of mug

Mark on bottom of mug

Grandpa's Beer stein

Grandpa’s Beer stein

The mark clearly identifies this as a Villeroy and Boch stein even thought it is not a common mark used by the factory. The lid and handle are pewter. The hand painting is under the glaze. These elements all lead to the date of the mug from between 1888-1894.

Painted detail

Painting detail


  1. That is cool. I have a beer stein and like you, I never seem to have the time to research the history of things around my house. (I too love antiques.) I know it is old because I have owned it for a long time, even back when there was an east and west Germany. It predates the split of the separation of Germany because it says made in Germany on the bottom. I don’t think it is as old as your though. Good post!


  2. My grandfather collects beer steins. Only recently he started to get rid of some (my grandma collects teapots and their house was getting a little too small for more shelves for displaying them) but he still has a large number. Now I wonder what kind treasures he may have as well!


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