Together again

One of the things I always rember sitting on the mantle in our living room as a kid was an old fashioned iron. It is one of those items that never moved form its spot in my childhood home. I dusted it more than once as a kid. It was one of those quirky things I wanted when we were clearing out my childhood home for sale.

IMG_20140902_135031291_HDRI really have not had a use for it other than sitting on a bookshelf. It too has not moved much in my home. However, I was at the local antique show this summer and came across something that goes along with the iron. I initially bought this as a trivet for the kitchen. The seller told me it was a stand for a hot iron. Well I had one of those in my house!


Stand for a hot iron

IMG_20140903_094108176_HDR[1]I was pleasantly surprised when I brought home my trivet that it fit my old iron perfectly.  These two pieces were together again. So now I need to look for another trivet. I cannot bear to keep these two antiques apart.



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