Kitchen Widow Garden

Looking at the weather forecast today and it seems like fall is on the way. This gets me in the mood to gets my garden ready for winter. I like getting the soil cleared and raked and mulched after a long summer of use.   And I do need the break from gardening all summer and canning this early fall. However, I miss the fresh food.  My solution is grow fresh herbs in my kitchen window over the winter.

So I have started my herbs- Parsley, Basil,  Rosemary and Lavender. I use seeds for some and cuttings for others. I make a little greenhouse with plastic wrap and a rubber band. Once the seeds germinate and leaves are maturing then I take off the wrap.


Springs of lavender I trimmed from a plant in my garden


Terra cotta pots are best as they hold in moisture needed to root


A little tent with a plastic bag.

Below is my parsley and basil that I started  from seed in march and cut all summer.


Well used parsley



This is a close up of the woody stems where new leaves grow. I am going to bring my old basil plant inside and keep trimming. When the plant went to flower last month, I trimmer it down to a few inches and hoped for new growth.

Woody stem with new leaves.

Woody stem with new leaves.


A little rosemary started

I found last year that my rosemary loved a nice cool window to grow. My kitchen windows were perfect. I would trim off a few springs to make a lemon chicken in the oven.  The plant will regrow.  Well worth the effort to have fresh herbs over the winter.



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