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Muse of Designer William Morris

My favorite design style is the English Arts and Crafts. William Morris is one of the most famous artists of the style.  Morris was a social reformer, artists, author, textilist and an all round jack of all trades.  His wallpaper and textile designs are unmatched in my opinion. Two of my favorites are Chrysanthemum and Strawberry Thief.

William Morris Age 53 by Frederick Hollyer

William Morris Age 53 by Frederick Hollyer


Strawberry Thief, 1883, William Morris (1834-1896) V&A Museum no. T.586-1919

Strawberry Thief, 1883, William Morris (1834-1896) V&A Museum no. T.586-1919

Morris was also know for his association with the Pre-Raphialite movement. The woman who was his muse was his wife Jane Burden Morris who also sat for other artists such as Rossetti and was an accomplished embroiderer who personified the English Arts and Crafts movement.

by John Robert Parsons, copied by  Emery Walker Ltd, bromide print, July 1865. Source: National Portrait gallery

by John Robert Parsons, copied by Emery Walker Ltd, bromide print, July 1865. Source: National Portrait gallery

Proserpine (1874). Artist Rossetti.Tate Britain, London. Model Jane Morris.

Proserpine (1874). Artist Rossetti. Tate Britain, London. Model Jane Morris.


Mystery Art Pottery

I bought this bowl or planter a few years ago at a local antique show. I just loved the style and the daffodil design. Goes well with the Arts and Crafts Style I am trying to use when decorating my home. I would love to find more pieces but have never seen another piece like it.

Drives me nuts that I cannot categorize the piece. I just know I love it. Have you ever had a mystery antique that you would love to find out more?

Arts & Crafts Style Pottery Mixing Bowl

As I have posted before, I love mixing bowls. Pretty and functional.  I bought the large bowl of this set many years ago. It had a crack inside so it was in my price range. I became obsessed with these pretty bowls and wanted more. I have bought two more but still looking for the last two.

These bowls are made by Homer Laughlin Company (also the makers of Fiesta pottery). The Apple tree (sometimes called orange tree) pattern was produced in the 1930-40’s.    The set of bowls originally came with 5,6,7,8, and 9 inch bowls.

Homer Laughlin Co Mark

tree detail

Morning Coffee Canisters

Coffee is critical for me in the morning and there is nothing like a cup of tea with a cookie and a good book. Since they are so important to me, I love to keep my tea bags and coffee in these antique canisters that I inherited from my great grandmother.

The canisters are a part of a larger set of spice and other stables canisters. The bottom is marked Mepoco Germany. Mepoco was a distributor of porcelain and pottery. The place of origin is Germany. The canisters are in the Art Deco style so I would assume from the 1920’s or 1930’s since that would match up to when my great grandmother Bertha May Burke would have owned them.  I remember them as a child sitting on my grandmother’s stove. She would tell me how one day they would be mine to cherish.

I love these canisters as they go perfectly with the Arts and Crafts style I am decorating my home and remind me of my family.

Great Grandma’s Art Deco Canisters

Mepoco mark. Made in Germany on the bottom

My whoosie-whats-not

To be honest with you all, I have no idea what purpose these brass cloisonne vases or chalices are to be used. I saw them in a little off the path antique store in upstate New York and I honestly just liked the pair of objects.They are solid brass and cloisonne. They have been nicknamed  “whoosie-whats-not” for lack of a better name or “brass whoosie” for short.

The vases are a good addition to my favorite style of design called Arts and Crafts. The Arts and Crafts movement embraced the simplicity of honest materials and craftsmanship as a way of rejecting against the industrialization of the time and  mass production by machine. The artists were influenced by classical and medieval aesthetics.  William Morris is one of my favorite English  designers of that period. The two vases seem to fit well into that simple style.  A familiar name in upstate New York with ties to the Arts and Crafts movement is Gustav Stickley. The Stickley name is still used today and produces beautiful furniture and crafts.

Brasses and enameled vases

detail of enamel