A little project

I love all old things.. and I love a project. I recently went to the local annual antique show at the end of August and found a few projects. I have been refinishing old furniture for twenty years. There are a few reasons I do so.

Reason 1: I love old things and history.

Reason 2: Necessity of finding cheap furniture to furnish my apartment in college . When I stated you could find a nice oak dresser for $35 and easily refinish to look like new. And then I was hooked.

Reason 3: A great way to spend quality time with my father as we looked over a new find and discussed how to refinish the piece to be useable.

and more …

Well, I found a wonderful Martha Washington Sewing Stand that would be fantastic to hold my yarn and embroidery tools. I have a dog who loves to unravel yarn and thread so I wanted a nice hiding place.

Before picture

Before picture

The stand had its original finish but it was damaged from years of use and storage but structurally it was perfect condition and had the insert to hold spools of thread.


Sewing thread spool holder

Sewing thread spool holder

The piece was super easy to refinish to my delight. Ammonia and steel wool to get the old finish off. I rubbed in a walnut stain to cover the water marks on the top . A few coats of finish that I sanded between coats and rubbed on with a rag for the last coat. This is my secret method that leaves a nice sheen but not clumpy.

My finished product

My finished product with my ancestors Easter cactus


Mistaken Identity

I am still slogging through boxes of photos that I inherited over the winter. Of course many don’t have dates or names and I am trying to match up the pictures with what I do know. Funny is when I was comparing some pictures I found one that I had been told years ago by a relative was my great great grandparents William Toborg and Annie Grabber was really my great great grandparents Jessie Kennedy and Alexander Yuill. These two really interested me.With further inspections and a really smart Granmda who labeled the pictures, I found that who I thought was my Torborg line was really my Yuill’s.

Anna Grabber & William Torborg

Couple in Question..

Alexander Yuill

Alexander Yuill

Jessie Kennedy Yuill

Jessie Kennedy Yuill



Spice up your life

This week may be more of a baking and kitchen theme on the blog as Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us in the next 4 weeks. Holidays to me bring up memories of food and family and laughs. Food and cooking was a large part of my childhood. My mother was an amazing cook and my father was a fabulous cook who leaned to cook very fast upon her death. I will be sharing some of their recipes in another post.

This space rack was a fixture in my childhood home. I believe it belonged to my great grandmother. I just hung it up as I was undecided of a good location but I knew I wanted a place I could enjoy seeing it everyday. Now I am trying to figure out if I want to use it to hold spices or use it to hold special memories. Such decisions.