adler and sullivan

Adler and Sullivan Architecture

One of the forerunners of modern architecture was the firm Adler and Sullivan. I am a huge fan of this duo who I first learned about when living in Buffalo, New York. Dankmar Adler and Louis Sullivan worked together in the Chicago area from 1880-1895. At one point Frank Lloyd Wright worked as an assistant to the firm and was influenced by Adler and Sullivan. The genius of the team was the use of new materials and engineering in their designs.

Auditorium Building Chicago, IL (1890's ) Source: Cornell University

Auditorium Building Chicago, IL (1890’s ) Source:White Architectural Collection,  Cornell University

Old Stock Exchange Building, Chicago (1890's). Source: White Architectural COllection, COrnell Univesity

Old Stock Exchange Building, Chicago (1890’s). Source: White Architectural Collection, Cornell University

Louis Sullivan later went on to work in Buffalo on the Guaranty or Prudential Building that I saw and influenced my love of architecture.

Guaranty Building, Buffao NY. Source: Library of Cogress.

Guaranty Building, 26 Church Street, Buffalo NY (1896). Source: Library of Congress.