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Alexander Gardner Photography

I stumbled upon the photographer Alexander Gardner when researching my family tree. I still wonder if there may be a connection to my Gardner family of Paisley, Scotland and will keep digging to see if we are related.  However I digress from my story. When I looked deeper into the work of Gardner, I was fascinated by his talents.

Alexander Gardner is best known as a coworker of Mathew Brady the famed Civil War photographer. Gardner is now becoming better known for his photographs at the Battle of Antietam that were credited to Mathew Brady.  Gardner is little known for some of his beautiful images of the mid west after the Civil War. I am focusing this blog post on the Rail Road pictures as I have a family connection with ancestors who were railroad workers.

Fort Harker Kansas (1867) Getty Museum

Fort Harker Kansas (1867) Getty Museum

Junction Kansas (1867)

Junction Kansas (1867) Getty Museum

Western Empire (1867)

Western Empire (1867), Getty Museum

Lawrence Kansas (1867)

Lawrence Kansas (1867), Getty Museum