Tart Pans

I have been so preoccupied with my treasure of family pictures that I have not posted in a few days. Well, not only were there pictures but I also received a few dozen tart pans. According to family history, the pans were made by an ancestor with the surname Hancock in Lincolnshire, England about 1810. My great great grandmother brought them over to the United States when the family immigrated. The tins must have been very special to pack them up to bring to a new life in America.

Hancock Family tart pans circa 1810 England

Hancock Family tart pans circa 1810 England

My uncle told me that these were used when he was growing up for mincemeat tarts at Christmas. I cannot wait to try making those and carrying on the family tradition this year for Christmas. And I need to do some more research into the Hancock name.