A wonderful surprise

Today was delivered to me a family historian’s dream. I received as part of an estate settlement boxes of family photos. Some of the hundreds of pictures are identified and others I may never know but I cherish them all and cannot believe I am seeing what some of my ancestors looked like!

I had to share today one of my Great Grandfather William Kennedy Yuill who was born in February 1892 in Brooklyn NY. His parents Jessie Kennedy was from Glasgow Scotland and father Alexander Yuill was from Paislely, Renfrewshire Scotland. Very Scottish family to say the least. He was an only child and I think a bit spoiled. This photo shows him in full Scottish tartan. My Grandmother said we are part of Clan Buchanan.

William Kennedy Yuill

William Kennedy Yuill

I am back to my boxes of pictures. I want to savor the moment of discovery! I have a lot of great things to post this next year!